Hyperbaric animal chambers are pieces of equipment that have revolutionized the veterinary services in recent years, providing pets with access to the hugely successful hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatments. Sivet Health takes great pride in helping vets from over 100 countries embrace the power of the procedures through world-class pet oxygen chambers, improving the level of animal care around the globe.

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The Function Of Hyperbaric Animal Chambers

Hyperbaric chambers were first designed with human care in mind, particularly for helping divers in their recoveries from post-dive physical trauma. In today’s climate, though, hyperbaric chamber treatment is helping ailing pets too.

The chambers work by putting the pet into an environment that is enriched with increased air pressure and oxygen levels. This ensures that oxygen diffuses to muscles far quicker, which can support the recovery from a range of illnesses and injuries. Veterinary hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used to aid household pets of varying sizes including cats, rabbits, dogs, and more, providing huge benefits during the treatment of the following conditions:

Using pet oxygen chambers as an adjunctive medicine has become an increasingly common solution for the world’s top veterinary clinics. You can order veterinary hyperbaric chambers from Sechrist Veterinary Health to bring your clinic into the modern day.

The Benefits Of Using HBOT For Pets In Your Clinic?

Before making an investment, many clinics will rightly ask “why do veterinarians need hyperbaric treatment for animals?”. After all, we’ve all been guilty of adding new equipment that offers very little other than an ego boost. HBOT for pets, however, is far more than a vanity project.

While it’s worth conducting more research into how hyperbarics is helping save pets, the fundamental rewards of incorporating the oxygen chambers are as follows:

  • Supports pets through an extended range of conditions.
  • Provides pets with the quick recoveries they deserve, resulting in greater health and comfort.
  • Supports a greater number of pets by speeding up the treatment times.
  • Gains more business by showing pet owners you boast the latest and greatest tech.
  • Provides pets with an immensely safe treatment with little/no side effects.

Frankly, then, the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for pets are vast and varied. Given the accessibility and affordability of oxygen chambers and hyperbaric medicine for pets, now is the time to make the transition.

A Comfortable Treatment For All Pets

Whether looking to use our smaller oxygen chambers (SV250) for cats and/or birds etc., or provide HBOT treatments in our larger oxygen chambers (SV500) for bigger pets such as large dog breeds; the wellbeing of the patient is paramount. The chambers allow for 3x as much concentrated oxygen to reach the lungs, which in itself puts the pet in far better condition.

The chambers are built specifically with pets in mind, providing a relaxed and calming environment at all times. While pets may still have discomfort from their injuries, symptoms, and pain are significantly reduced, particularly when used in conjunction with the right medicines.

Our technicians are always happy to discuss further additions that can make life more comfortable for pets, such as soft blankets. Pets can also relax after their oxygen chamber session to promote an even better recuperation.

Why Choose Sivet Health Hyperbaric Animal Chambers?

When you are considering incorporating the idea of veterinary hyperbaric chamber treatment for pets into your clinic’s operations, it’s imperative that you find the perfect oxygen chambers on the market. Sivet Health is the answer.

Our highly experienced team of professional researchers, technicians, and manufacturers have worked in the field of hyperbaric oxygen chamber creation and installation since 1973. We have helped thousands of facilities across the globe, and take great pride in providing the premier service that you (and your patients) deserve.

Hyperbaric treatments for pets should not be taken lightly, and you need to invest in the best chambers. SiVet Health uses the very latest technologies, offering HBOT chambers in two sizes, our SV250 and the SV500. Crucially, our commitment to you doesn’t end at the point of sale.

We care about animals and the level of care they receive. Likewise, we want to see quality veterinary practices like yours thrive. As such, our technicians will provide a thorough installation and oxygen chamber testing process to ensure that everything is working as expected.

It’s equally important for vets to understand how to get the most out of their oxygen chambers. Therefore, we’ll point you towards the very best course on the subject before providing in-person training to ensure that you’re all set to go. Giving pets access to the rapid recoveries they deserve has never looked better.

A Great Investment For Businesses

While pet care needs to be at the top of every vet’s agenda, it’s impossible to ignore the business elements. Like any other addition, pet oxygen chambers must bring benefits for the company too. Thankfully, they do.

The fact you’ll treat more pets across multiple conditions will take revenue to a whole new level. As such, the HBOT chamber will pay for itself in no time. By choosing Sivet Health, you can also take advantage of flexible repayment plans to remove any initial strains on your bank balance.

This additionally enables you to place your full focus on utilizing the HBOT chambers to their full potential, which encourages a far faster transition and produces a better outcome for all pets that visit your veterinary clinic for the associated treatments.

Order Your Hyperbaric Animal Chamber Today!

If you run a veterinary service and wish to start experiencing the benefits of using oxygen therapy for pets, SiVet Health can provide the comprehensive service needed to support you through the transition.

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As the head of a thriving veterinary practice, you understand the importance of giving your every patient the special care and attention that they deserve. Your human clients entrust you with the health, safety and wellbeing of their precious pets and that is a responsibility you do not take lightly. You have invested time, effort and capital in ensuring that your practice is staffed with the right people. The kind of skilled and compassionate professionals who show grace and aptitude in dealing both with patients and the humans who love them. You’ve also worked hard to build a reputation as a practice worthy of your clients’ trust and continued patronage.

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Quite simply, when your clients are worried about their pets, yours is the only name that comes to mind.

But in order to consistently deliver excellence for your patients, your approach to veterinary care must not only be comprehensive but adaptable. They need to be open to new treatments and technologies in order to better suit the needs of their clientele and this is why more and more pet owners are showing an interest in high quality Veterinary Hyperbaric Chambers designed and manufactured by Sechrist Veterinary Health.

What is a Veterinary Hyperbaric Chamber for pets?

Veterinarian hyperbaric treatment harnesses the healing and restorative power of oxygen. Oxygen is an integral component of the cellular processes of all living things. Treatment with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has been used in human medicine for many decades to treat a range of conditions including burns, crush injuries and other forms of trauma as well as decompression sickness or “the bends”.

However, the last 30 or 40 years have seen a steady increase in the integration of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for pets. The technology works in the exact same way to treat all kinds of domestic animals and help pets to recover from illnesses and injuries.

How do pets benefit from Veterinarian Hyperbaric Treatment?

Hyperbaric medicine has a great deal to offer pets and their owners. One of the most appealing aspects of Hyperbaric medicine is its versatility. Veterinary Hyperbaric chambers have been utilized to treat a range of illnesses and injuries by veterinary practices the world over. They have been used to aid a pets’ recovery from many different ailments including cuts, crush injuries, burns, septic peritonitis, snake bites and even food aspiration associated problems.

There’s no pet too small or too big (within reason) for Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment. It has been applied successfully to all creatures great and small from large dogs to smaller animals like rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets.

Oxygen therapy is extremely beneficial for pets and their owners because of its safe, gentle and relatively risk-free nature. It works by accelerating the natural bodies’ own healing processes and is not dependent on either invasive surgery or pharmaceuticals. There is no chance of an allergic reaction and only a marginal risk of complication, when proper training is implemented.

Being able to offer this gentle and low-risk treatment can make your practice even more appealing to new and existing clients.

How does the HBOT for pets treatment work?

Hyperbaric Animal Chambers are a sealed environment in which pressurized pure oxygen is flooded into the chamber. Provided that proper precautions are taken this is a safe and stress-free procedure for the patient.

Some preparation needs to take place before treatment begins. The patient’s body temperature needs to be tested to ensure that it is normal temperature. Increases in temperature can result in an excess of oxygen in the chamber and too much oxygen can in fact have a toxic effect on the patient. The pet must also be freed of any metal items like dog tags, bells or collars as these can present a risk of static shock when they are placed in the chamber wet.

Once in a chamber, the patient just breathes normally. With each breath, a higher concentration of oxygen is delivered into their bloodstream. As more oxygen is delivered to damaged or diseased tissues, the patient’s natural healing process is given a drug-free boost.

How will investing in a Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber benefit my practice?

Pets and their owners aren’t the only ones that benefit from Hyperbaric Animal Chambers. Veterinary practices can also benefit in a number of ways from their presence. A high quality Veterinary Hyperbaric Chamber is a great way to build value in your practice, promote trust in your clientele and even increase operational efficiency.

Depending on the size of the chamber and animal/s, multiple pets can theoretically be treated simultaneously, making for more efficient operations and allowing you to administer faster and more responsive care.

What’s more, a Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Chamber in your practice will demonstrate just how seriously you are prepared to invest in a holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of your patients.

Practices have a range of financing options to facilitate easy cash flow and prevent the chokehold that new capital investments can place on practices. If you’re concerned about overheads, there are different options that can be discussed. For example, many practices finance their chambers by giving a portion of the proceeds from each treatment to the company that sold them the chamber.

What kinds of conditions can Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for pets treat?

Case studies have demonstrated that HBOT for pets can prove effective in the treatment of a number of conditions including, but not limited to;

Will I receive training to administer Hyperbaric Medicine safely?

Absolutely! While Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment for pets is a potentially beneficial technology it needs to be properly and carefully administered by a fully trained professional to mitigate risks.

Fortunately, we can provide that training for you as part of the installation process. When an order is placed, we send a dedicated technician to oversee installation and ensure that all clinical staff know how to use their new Hyperbaric Chamber safely and effectively.

Your technician will take you through a training course, and in-person training will also be offered once this course is completed.

Why choose Sechrist Veterinary Health?

At Sechrist, we have dedicated over 45 years to the design, manufacture and sales of Hyperbaric Chambers.Our team has been at the forefront of new technology and cutting edge hyperbaric products since 1973. We have the highest standards in quality and satisfaction, making it only natural for us to expand into the field of veterinary.
Our seasoned professionals have decades of experience and a complete dedication to helping veterinary practices to improve their quality of care.

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One of the main uses for hyperbaric treatment in animals is the ability to reduce swelling and speed healing in animals. Many describe the treatment as comfortable and relaxing for the animal. Inside the chamber, pets can rest or sleep on a soft blanket while breathing in pure oxygen. As the oxygen flows through the pet’s bloodstream, it can aid in the reduction of swelling and help to heal wounds.

The animals are completely relaxed during the process with no stress, and the average treatment time is often between 1 to 2 hours. It’s usually repeated twice a day and will continue until improvement is seen by veterinarians. As soon as an animal shows signs that they are recovering, the use of hyperbaric oxygen chamber stops.

The Use of Hyperbaric Treatment for Animals

Hyperbaric Treatment for Animals

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are essentially pressured tubes or rooms where hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be offered to animals. We have your dog oxygen chamber for sale. This is a relatively old treatment technique that has been used in human medicine for many years to treat a variety of conditions such as air bubbles in blood vessels (known as arterial gas embolism), carbon monoxide poisoning, crushing injuries or even gangrene.

The way a hyperbaric oxygen chamber works is actually fairly simple. The air pressure is built up to three times greater than normal levels which cause the lungs to collect up to three times more pure oxygen than what is possible when breathing normally. This means that pure oxygen travels around the body via the bloodstream, encouraging the release of growth factors and stem cells that can assist in the healing process.

Advantages of using hyperbaric treatment for animals include:

  • Fast and effective treatment of conditions such as joint pain, arthritis and muscle strain within just a few days
  • Animals show early signs of recovery from a wide variety of conditions
  • Is no more expensive than an acupuncture schedule or topical laser treatments
  • Is more accessible and comforting for the pet as opposed to supplements or surgery
  • Animals will be very comfortable throughout the entire process and be allowed to rest and relax
  • Greatly speeds up the healing process and eliminates the need for invasive procedures

A Practical Case of Hyperbaric Treatment

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy isn’t an idea or a theory but something that has been actively used before. In fact, many veterinarians have already successfully used hyperbaric oxygen therapy as part of their practice with great results to show. A great example is the case of Tully, a 9-year-old labrador retriever that was under the care of Dr. Hitt.

Tully Hyperbaric ChamberTully experienced bad elbows and hips and after just two treatments, the veterinarian noticed less arthralgia. Tully has a past of being anxious and doesn’t sit well with regular medication and when reacting to stress, it can be difficult for the veterinarian to calm him down. One of the advantages of hyperbaric treatment is that it doesn’t involve medication but instead, allows the animal to relax and fall asleep while the oxygen courses through their bloodstream and encourages their body to heal itself.

Due to the chambers recent installation, Dr. Hitt’s use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy is still in its infancy. Aside from 9-year-old Tully, Dr. Hitt has treated five felines with issues ranging from ineffective erythropoiesis (a form of non-regenerative anemia) to chronic Toxoplasmosis Microgranulomas, which resulted in a chronic inflammatory response. In fact, one of the cats treated had neurologic symptoms and hyperbaric oxygen therapy was offered as a last chance to treat her symptoms before she would be euthanized. The cat’s symptoms did improve and she is experiencing a good quality of life again. While Hyperbaric oxygen therapy isn’t the only reason that she improved, its use definitely played a major role in her recovery.

While Dr. Hitt has seen many advantages to using hyperbaric oxygen therapy, it may be difficult convincing a wider range of veterinarians to adopt it as a treatment option due to it being an unfamiliar process. Perhaps in a few years, the treatment will become more widely available, but for now, it may remain as a relatively unknown treatment option that both pet owners and veterinarians.

Accidents in hyperbaric therapy are rare as long as the right safety processes and procedures are used. With proper training, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber is as safe as any other veterinary treatment equipment with no side effects. The goal is to introduce more oxygen into the system which ultimately allows the body to heal faster with natural methods.

Do Veterinarians Need Hyperbaric Treatment for Animals?

A animal hyperbaric chamber is an option that provides many unique benefits that will ultimately give veterinarians more options when treating animals. Hyperbaric treatments are very comfortable for the pet, they don’t put as much strain on the parties involved and they’re also no more expensive than popular treatment options such as topical lasers and supplements.

In terms of accessibility and peace of mind for the animal, the owner and even the veterinarian, it’s a far better solution than the alternatives such as invasive surgery. Many veterinarians that have used hyperbaric oxygen therapy have nothing but praise for the solution and it will likely grow in popularity due to the savings it can offer and also the effectiveness of treatment. Veterinarians need to offer hyperbaric treatments as an alternative to medication and surgery especially if the pet in question has a poor history of reacting to those two forms of treatment.