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Vasculitis/Lyme Positive


Pre Hyperbaric
Oxygen Therapy –
Day 1

Post Hyperbaric
Oxygen Therapy –
Day 14


Forelimb swelling associated with a histopathological diagnosis of vasculitis.

Historically, this dog was found infested with ticks, tied to a tree, and had
massively elevated Lyme serologies. The swelling had been non-responsive
to long term antibacterial and immunosuppressives therapy for Lyme
disease. Immunosuppressive were tapered rapidly as HBOT commenced

This dog was originally found abandoned and tied to a tree in the Catskill’s covered with ticks; Lyme positive in every diagnostic test.

This patient had been treated at a specialty center in the northeast U.S. without resolution of fever, lameness, tissue swelling, and lethargy. At 2.4 ATA, HBOT is BACTERIOCIDAL TO THE LYME SPIROCHETE. It also modulates the cytokines and MMP’s which trigger the inflammatory process of vasculitis.