Sechrist Veterinary Health designs and manufactures Class C hyperbaric animal chambers specifically engineered to meet the special needs of veterinarians and their animal patients. The Class C hyperbaric pet chambers are the product of the same Sechrist team that has been popular in the hyperbaric industry for more than 40 years. Sechrist Veterinary Health brings you new additions to its line of hyperbaric products: new model SV250 Hyperbaric Animal Chamber and the larger SV500 Hyperbaric Animal Chamber. Our veterinary health products are comfortable and safe for your animal patients and come with convenient and flexible operational and treatment features.


Welcome to Sechrist’s Veterinary Health Division

With over 40 years of advanced hyperbaric therapy research Sechrist is bringing hyperbaric medicine to the veterinary world. We are proud to launch our new Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen and ICU hyperbaric animal chamber. We have been able to provide this amazing result through our four decades of exceptional research and design. Our Hyperbaric Animal Chamber is a great addition to the line of treatment equipment in any veterinary hospital or pet clinic. Sechrist Hyperbaric pet Chamber, with improved Oxygen delivery, is used to treat similar indications in human patients in addition to other disease conditions that are unique to animal patients.


Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, approval and safety

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a medical treatment procedure where the patient is enclosed within a clear hyperbaric chamber to which oxygen is pressurized and controlled so that the animal patient breathes oxygen at a pressure above one atmosphere. This helps your animals and pet to be treated for one of numerous indications approved to be used in animals and pets treatments. Series of similar treatments are approved and are currently used in human hyperbaric oxygen chambers in the United States and all over the globe.
Sechrist Industries has developed and manufactured hyperbaric oxygen chambers for four decades. Using a state-of-the-art facility, Sechrist monitors and tracks every step of the hyperbaric pet chamber manufacturing and design process. Sechrist provides its state-of-the art medical equipment to over 150 countries worldwide. With combination of advanced technology and friendly customer care, we provide to our customers safe, reliable and the cost effective ownership of hyperbaric animal chambers.


The future of veterinary medicine and Sechrist’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Our sophisticated Hyperbaric Pet Oxygen Chamber at Sechrist Industries, Inc holds a great prospective future for pet treatment and animal health care industry. At Sechrist, we have produced more hyperbaric oxygen chambers than all the other companies joined together. Sechrist Industries Inc. presently has the biggest company installation base in all the entire developed nations of the world. We cover eighty percent of the U.S. hyperbaric market and we are reputed for outstanding quality and trusted for our excellent service delivery. These support our strong market leading role in the fast growing hyperbaric medicine industry.


Hyperbaric Chamber Products

Sechrist Industries, Inc. is a reputable supplier of hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and now hyperbaric animal chambers, to clinicians all over the United States and around the world. At Sechrist, we keep on developing and evolving our all-inclusive line up of monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chambers. Our aim is to assist medical doctors, veterinarians, and clinicians all over the globe to provide hyperbaric oxygen medicine to all patients, including animals and pets, whose condition requires this non-invasive essential treatment.
Sechrist Industries, Inc. has designed hyperbaric chambers with highest safety standards for more than 40 years. All our monoplace animal hyperbaric chambers are carefully designed and produced to premium quality. Every stage of the production process is systematically authenticated and tested through the whole manufacturing process before they are sent to the market. Sechrist Industries uses strict measures and follows rigorous procedures to produce premium quality and reliable hyperbaric animal chambers. The cylinders of Sechrist Industries’ hyperbaric oxygen chambers are all made-up of refined acrylic that meets Pressure Vessels Safety Standard for Human and veterinary needs.

In addition to our Class C chamber models SV250 Hyperbaric Animal Chamber and SV500 Hyperbaric Animal Chamber, we have convenient list of other products within our hyperbaric animal product line. Just a sampling of our line of hyperbaric animal products:

  • Multiple designs of animal patient lifts and gurneys.
  • Air compressor system and CGA Grade E breathing panels.
  • …..and many more accessories

Advantages of Sechrist Hyperbaric Medicine to Veterinarians and Patients

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has played a critical and an ever-increasing role in the practice of contemporary medicine for both human and animal patients. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy offers many benefits to veterinarians and patients in veterinary medicine. The escalating use in an increasing number of medical indications shows how efficient hyperbaric oxygen therapy is in primary and adjunctive care. When combined with Sechrist’s excellent team approach by both hyperbaric experts and the referring veterinarians, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is very effective medical-care.


Transparent chambers and its benefits

Our mono hyperbaric oxygen pet chambers are made of transparent acrylic that are pressurized with oxygen which means the patient does not require a face mask or hood. They are more beneficial to both the patients and the health care staff and offer a more efficient delivery system and prevent loss that could occur through face mask leak. It is also more cost effective than multi chambers. Our transparent and fully visible pet hyperbaric oxygen chamber, allows for better viewing of your animal and pet patients. The clear chamber provides a brilliant means of supervision of your pet. In addition to that, the clinical staff can enjoy the comfort and ease of close monitoring of the animal patient during administration. Hyperbaric Animal Chambers through the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy enables a delivery of oxygen to the damaged tissue with concentrated effort which optimizes healing and yields better result.


Why you should consider Sechrist Hyperbaric Veterinary Health solution


  • Improved Comfort and Safety of your animal patients
  • Structured and designed to Veterinary needs
  • Excellence and expertise brought about with over four decades of hyperbaric research and design.
  • Factory dedicated to hyperbaric chamber design and manufacturing with highly qualified and trained team of professionals.
  • Hyperbaric Animal Chambers with dual mode delivery.
  • Ease of operational management and user friendly control panel
  • The safety lock securely locks the device for safety.
  • We deliver highly competitive price on all our Chambers compared to the global market.
  • We deliver excellent technology solutions to healthcare industry both human and animal health.
  • We are committed to further advancement in hyperbaric care and solution through continued research