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Hyperbaric Animal Chamber Lift


The Sechrist Veterinary Health exclusive Scissor Lift and E-Gurney Wheeled Stretcher systems provide a convenient solution for lifting and lowering the patient and treatment modules at the touch of a button. Both operate on a 24VDC externally chargeable battery. When lowered to lowest position, both systems can be stored underneath the hyperbaric chamber in order to save space within the room.

Coupling an Operator Friendly design with the highest safety standards in the industry, here are some of the features of the Sechrist Gurney and Lift systems:

  • Integrated Slide-In Stretcher Plate with static dissipative mat.
  • Under Chamber Storage saving space
  • Ability to load patient with the standard Electronic Scissor Lift.
  • 40” and 20” Patient Modules can be inserted into the chamber for loading multiple patients into the chamber.
  • Suitable for Large Companion Animals, such as Dogs.


Sechrist Electronic Patient Lifts