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Case Studies

Feline Polyradiculoneuritis

Rapid Recovery Using HBOT


Immunosuppressive Tapered Rapi

Rattlesnake Bite

NO Surgical Procedure Performe

Baclofen Toxicity

Neurological Function Rapidly

Canine Pancreatitis

HBOT Added to Treatment Protoc

Thermal Burns

HBOT Used with Antibiotic Ther

Intramuscular Chemotherapy

4 HBOT Treatments in 48

Septic Peritonitis

HBOT Resolved Peritonitis

Severe Degloving Wounds

NO Skin Grafts or Flaps Perfor

Tooth Root Abscess

Healed in 4 Days

Acute Necrotizing Dermatitis

One-Month Treatment Period

Delayed Wound Healing

HBOT Aided in Wound Healing

Severe Tissue Trauma

Rapid Clinical Recovery

Sciatic Nerve Lesion

Improved Gait After 3 Sessions

Traumatic Sacral-Coccygeal

8 One-Hour HBOT Sessions

Adjunctive HBOT For

Complete Global Ischemia

Non-Healing Dog Attack Wound

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Non-Healing Wound

in a Feline Post-Op

Non Cardiogenic Pulmonary Edema

Adjunctive HBOT

Adjunctive HBOT in the Management

of a Septic, Non-Healing Wound