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Traumatic Sacral-Coccygeal



Traumatic Sacral-Coccygeal Lesion with Severe Soft Tissue Trauma, Tail Avulsion, and Fecal Incontinence in a Canine:

A 4 ½ year old canine was examined for evaluation and treatment of injuries sustained 2 days prior to referral. The tail was separated at the sacral-coccygeal level, and there was severe soft tissue swelling, firm fluctuant subcutaneous fluid, and bruising encompassing the entire lumbosacral, perianal, and perineal area.

  • Patient was ambulatory with a stiff rear limb gait.
  • Periodically postured without producing a bowel movement.
  • Shearing wounds on the flank and inner thighs.
  • Unilateral non-displaced caudal mandibular fracture.
  • MRI revealed massive soft tissue trauma and hemorrhage at the lesion site.
  • Tail amputation was performed at the sacralcaudal junction.

A total of 8 one-hour HBOT sessions were given in BID treatments at 1.5 ATA during a 4 day hospitalization. After discharge three individual outpatient HBOT sessions were given on days 7,10, and 15 post injury.