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Delayed Wound Healing


Delayed Wound Healing First Day

Necrotic Wound

Delayed Wound Healing Progress

After 2 HBOT Sessions

Delayed Wound Healing 3

After 4 HBOT Sessions


Intermittent Adjuvant HBOT For Delayed Wound Healing:

A 12 year old F/S Golden Retriever had a large, recurring low grade nerve sheath tumor removed from the right forepaw. Closure of the surgical wound was not possible due to the size and location of the mass. The clients expressed extreme financial concerns, so the wound was managed by bandage changes three times weekly with calcium alginate/ saline dressings.

This case illustrates that periodic HBOT can be employed with effectiveness in some cases where financial issues prohibit large numbers of sessions. The pulses of elevated reactive oxygen and nitrogen species act as signals to up-regulate wound healing mechanisms. Theoretical concerns over the use of adjuvant HBOT in patients with concurrent neoplasia center on the enhanced vasculogenesis associated with this treatment modality. In fact, HBOT is widely employed in human medicine in cancer patients with non-healing wounds, and studies in animals and humans do not support increased rate of tumor growth in these patients.

(Reference, Kindwall and Whelan, “Hyperbaric Medicine Practice”, Second Edition Revised, 2004, Best, pgs. 718-20)