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Baclofen Toxicity and Complete Global Ischemia in a Canine


Pre Hyperbaric
Oxygen Therapy

4 Hours After One
HBOT Session


Single Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Session
for One Hour

A one-year-old female Miniature Pinscher was reported to have ingested 2-3 (10mg) tablets of baclofen, a drug with effects similar to GABA. Neurologic signs ensued, including seizures, followed by coma. A respiratory arrest occurred, which required intubation and support on a mechanical ventilator for several hours. Intralipid and Cyproheptadine were given, along with intensive supportive care. Spontaneous respirations resumed, allowing removal from the ventilator.

A single HBOT session for one hour was performed. Following the session, the patient’s neurologic function rapidly improved, and within 4 hours she was bright, alert and able to exercise vigorously with normal strength and coordination.

HBOT has been shown to have beneficial effects in several models of CGI in animals. HBOT results in reduced neuronal cell death, a reduction in neuroinflammation, and more rapid improvement in neurologic function recovery scores.