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Welcome to Sechrist

Sivet Health is the Veterinary division of Sechrist Industries Inc. Sechrist has been producing high quality human hyperbaric chambers since 1973. Being an industry leader in human hyperbarics with years of manufacturing experience means each of our veterinary chambers has high standards. Hyperbarics is beginning to expand in veterinary, and we want to be at the forefront of that expansion. Our new veterinary chambers have been engineered specifically to meet the unique needs of veterinarians and their patients. Each one is made with a transparent acrylic cylinder pressurized with oxygen, meaning the patient does not need a mask. The transparency of the cylinder allows the clinical staff to monitor and visibly see the pet during the session. Our advanced Hyperbaric Pet Oxygen Chamber will be the future of animal health care.

See How a Sechrist Veterinary Chamber Can Enhance a Veterinary Practice


See How a Sechrist Veterinary Chamber Can Enhance a Veterinary Practice


Feline Polyradiculoneuritis

Rapid Recovery Using HBOT...


Immunosuppressive Tapered Rapidly Using HBOT...

Rattlesnake Bite

NO Surgical Procedure Performed...

Baclofen Toxicity

Neurological Function Rapidly Improved...

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The Sechrist Advantage

Designed, engineered, and manufactured for both clinician and patient.


Industry Experience

Our team has been designing and manufacturing hyperbaric chambers for over 40 years.


Safety Features

Class C chambers are designed and built to include the highest safety standards.


Ease of Use

Chambers are designed to be user friendly and easy to operate.


Enhanced O2 Delivery Mode

Only chamber to conveniently and easily provide oxygen therapy to veterinary patients.


Service & Maintenance

Dedicated, certified and trained Sechrist Service Technicians across the US.


Core Values

Integrity, Relationships, Service, Respect and Dedication – values that all employees live up to.

Engineered and built specifically to meet the special needs of veterinarians and their patients


Leader in hyperbaric innovation, safety, and reliability since 1973.

Sechrist Industries, Inc., has products being used in clinical settings in over 120 countries. Emerging as the industry leader, Sechrist has led the way in overall standards of quality, ensuring they meet the satisfaction of both the caregiver and patient.