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Sechrist’s Veterinary Health Division is bringing hyperbaric medicine to the veterinary community.  With over 40 years of advanced hyperbaric research, Sechrist is proud to present our the new Veterinary Hyperbaric Oxygen and ICU Chamber. With outstanding research and design Sechrist is proud to introduce its Hyperbaric Animal Chamber as a perfect treatment addition to every animal hospital or pet clinic.

Sechrist’s Pet Hyperbaric Chamber with enhanced O2 is used to treat not only the same indications seen in human patients but also many other conditions unique to animal patients. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a clinical treatment in which the patient is enclosed in a clear hyperbaric chamber and breathes oxygen at a pressure greater than one atmosphere. This allows your pet to be treated for one of many listed indications approved for use in treatment of animals and pets. Many such treatments are used and approved for human use in hyperbaric oxygen chambers today within the United States and around the world. Sechrist’s new and advanced Hyperbaric Pet Oxygen Chamber is the future of pet treatment and animal health care.

Sechrist, the manufacturer of more monoplace hyperbaric chambers than all other manufacturers combined. Sechrist Industries Inc., currently has the largest installed base in operation within the developed nations, and enjoys 80% of the U.S. market. Sechrist has an outstanding reputation for quality, trust and service; supporting a strong market leadership position in a rapidly growing market.



Rapid recovery of feline patient resulted with HBOT....


Lyme positive diagnosis alleviated with HBO treatment ...

Rattlesnake Bite

No surgical procedure necessary after HBO treatment ...

Baclofen Toxicity

HBOT is shown to have beneficial effects in several...

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The Sechrist Advantage

Designed, engineered, and manufactured for both clinician and patient.


Industry Experience

Our team has been designing and manufacturing hyperbaric chambers for over 40 years.


Safety Features

Class C chambers are designed and built to include the highest safety standards.


Ease of Use

Chambers are designed to be user friendly and easy to operate.


Enhanced O2 Delivery Mode

Only chamber to conveniently and easily provide oxygen therapy to veterinary patients.


Service & Maintenance

Dedicated, certified and trained Sechrist Service Technicians across the US.


Core Values

Integrity, Relationships, Service, Respect and Dedication – values that all employees live up to.

Engineered and built specifically to meet the special needs of veterinarians and their patients


With over 40 years of advanced hyperbaric innovation, we design for comfort, safety, and long term reliability.

Sechrist Industries, Inc., a worldwide supplier of hyperbaric and respiratory equipment for over forty years, has products used in clinical settings in over 120 countries. Sechrist has emerged as an industry leader over the past forty years with well-engineered, high quality, reliable products, manufactured in a state-of-the-art production facility.