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We understand that new technology can be exciting, but also overwhelming; especially when used in veterinary surgery. However, we also
Oxygen therapy for pets, often referred to as hyperbaric therapy, is a type of non-invasive treatment with proven efficacy across
Veterinarians are always on the lookout for novel technologies that will assist them in the treatment of animals in their
Pet Oxygen Chambers as an Adjunctive Medicine
Veterinarians are always on the lookout for novel therapies that can help the animals under their care recover from trauma
HBOT for Pets
Many dogs eat their food too fast, so it’s not surprising that food aspiration can be a potential problem for
Veterinarians Need Hyperbaric Treatment
One of the main uses for hyperbaric treatment in animals is the ability to reduce swelling and speed healing in
How Hyperbarics is Saving Pets
Snake bites are a serious concern for pets and pet owners alike, with the potential to cause life-threatening complications. Thankfully,
Dog Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatments
Alex, is a super sweet Golden Retriever that presented to South Paws for acute paresis in his pelvic limbs. The
Doctor Hancock Hyberbarics
How long have you been in this industry and what caused you to pursue a career in it? I have
Hyperbaric Animal Chamber
What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and how does it help animals and pets No doubt, scientific research and innovation have
Hyperbaric Animal Chamber-Treatment and Training
Hyperbaric Animal Chamber treatment and training Please review the professional educational training course offered by the Hyperbaric Medicine Team Training