Severe Degloving Wounds (HBC) - Sechrist Hyperbaric Animal Chamber

Severe Degloving Wounds (HBC)


Dancer Presented several days after being hit by a car with plated right iliac fracture and amputated tail. Never had surgery on soft tissues or skin. Never had skin grafting or flaps.
Wound Treatment

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  • Antibiotics
  • Hydrotherapy.
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy b.i.d. (April thru June)

source site Canine M/N – The patient was back over in a driveway. Massive, infected degloving wound when referred. Only the perianal skin area and prepucial skin remained attached. The only surgery performed was to plate the pelvic fracture and amputate the tail. No skin debridement, grafts, or flaps were ever performed. Hydrotherapy and antibiotics were given along with HBOT.